Meaties sale price?


5 Years
Jun 12, 2017
How much do you have in them? Cost of the bird, feed, water, processing fee (if you don't do it yourself) and if you count your time it would be a lot. Did you have to build a coop for your meat birds, or did you use an existing coop? My first attempt at meat birds had a cost of about $7.32/ea processed (I do my own processing). I wouldn't sell them for less than $10/ea at a minimum.


Apr 9, 2016
North Dakota
I asked a few months ago on a local FB page what oeople sell their butchered birds for, and is it per bird or by the pound. Some sold their 4-5 lb birds for $10 each and >5lb for $15. The majority sold by the pound and ranged from $2.00/lb to $3.50/lb. I just sold mine last week for $2.25/pound and had them all sold within 12 hours of listing them. I'm satisfied with that amount and it makes the chickens I keep for my family free meat! I do all my own butchering. My turkeys I sold for $2.50/pound, butchered and packaged. This is not my living, this is a hobby that also provides food for us. A very time-consuming, costly hobby. Haha

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