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    Mar 22, 2013
    Hi, chicken newb here trying to research breeds. I have been unable to find anything when searching to find out which breed tends to have the biggest thighs and legs. I mean I know some breeds are bigger than others but is their one in particular that is famous for thighs or bred for big thighs or legs?
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    If you're looking for dark meat, consider a dual purpose bird...our Black Java's produce GREAT dark meat, with little white meat compared to a CX chest...however, they do take a while to develop their big thighs - up to 25wks.

    The FR's we grew last spring had great dark meat thighs, and took 13wks to get there. Good amount of white meat.

    The CX had good size dark meat but more white meat. They took 10wks to get there.

    Depends on your time frame and how long you're willing to have 'em around!
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