Medical advice needed for sick bird

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    I have a 8-10 month old red sex link hen who has leg paralysis, will NOT eat on her own. Vet did e-ray, not egg bound and no broke bones, did a fecal test, and came back positive for parasites, put her on Panacur and an antibiotic for 5 days.
    I found her hiding Sunday night so I picked her up and put her in the coop. Monday morning she was on the floor of the coop just laying there panting. I immediately separated her from the rest of my flock. I began giving her Vi-tal by syringe. Her poop was very fowl smelling and greenish-yellow. I cooked up scrambled eggs and she refused to eat on her own, so I fed it to her. As of this past week, I have been giving meds, water/electrolytes and feeding her human baby food, yogurt/applesauce, with some layer feed in it. Her her comb is bright red, eyes are clear, pupils are equal and reactive.
    Dr said not a vitamin/ calcium deficiency because I feed Purina brand which is really good.
    It has been 5 days now that she has been on meds and still no improvement she just lays there in her makeshift nest, flaps her wings now and again, and when I feed her, she pants really hard for a long period of time. I live in Florida and she is in the house/garage.
    I pick her up to clean her bottom when she poops and I work her legs, one she will put pressure against my hand and pull away, but the other just hangs there
    I have spent $170 on a $5 chicken. I got her from a reputable feed store so I know she had a vaccine for Mericks
    I am at a loss what to do for her now.. do I wait and see what happens, will she gain her legs back? Can chickens have a stroke.. she is always leaning to the right, it is the left leg that just hangs.
    Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!!
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  3. I will stress diet........Chickens have Complex dietary needs in order to remain healthy....The wrong diet causes disease to pop up....All Chickens carry disease.......Once they are stressed symptoms pop up or they develop the common issues posted about...Sour Crop, impacted crop and egg bound........


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