medicated chick feed?????

Fred's Hens :

Feed medicated until you are sure of their exposure to Cocci. This exposure comes from the dirt, usually. In some folks' eyes, the blocker is most important at 8-10 weeks when the chicks have left the safety of their brooder and are now on the dirt. Something to consider.

I didn't know they could pick up something from the dirt--so now that is something to consider ....
I have only a bit left of the medicated feed and the chicks are 9 weeks old--so maybe it is better to get another bag of the medicated feed and keep them on it for awhile longer.​
The medicated feed from Purina (Start and Grow) doesn't seem any more expensive then Flock Raiser or other feeds, so I chose to keep mine on it until they start laying. I have not had any coccidia outbreaks, so I can't see any downside to feeding it. It helps to create immunity to cocci and contains amprollium (not an antibiotic).
I bought a big, 50 lb bag of medicated feed for four chicks. By the time they were 8-9 weeks old, it was all gone. Then I switched to grower feed.
They are doing just fine.
In fact, when they come out of the coop they head straight out to the dirt to dig for bugs and eat the Purina every now and then. I think I am feeding all the wild birds in the neighborhood, though

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