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    I thought I read somewhere that ducks can die if they eat medicated feed. I went to the feed store this weekend looking for non-medicated starter grower for my ducks and the man at the feed store said that ducks can eat medicated feed. I explained to him that I read that they couldn't. He told me that it wasn't true. Am I dreaming that I read this? Can baby ducklings eat medicated starter/grower feed or not?

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    Most of the chick starters on the market today that are medicated contain a medication that is supposed to be okay for ducklings. Some people feel that it is beneficial in order to reduce the number of cocidiosis infections in waterfowl while they are still forming a tollerence to it. Others still feel that it is not safe. You will need to do some reasearch to decide what is right for you. Here is a list of medications that can be in feed that are suposed to be safe according to Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks:

    Zinc bacitracin

    You will need to add extra Niacin to any type of chick starter that you use because ducklings require more of it than chicks. I prefer using Brewer's Yeast, others add Niacin to the water. Hope this helps. [​IMG]
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    i feed all my chicks duckies chick starter with amprolium. eveyone is fine. ducks are 3 months old and still eating eat. thats all i have gave them nothing else but the bugs and grass they eat in the creek
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    Subscribing to this old thread for reference.

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