Medicated food and vaccinations????


Apr 15, 2020
I recently hatched some salmon faverolle chicks and had saw an article that said if I vaccinate them I can't give them medicated food anymore, does anyone know if this is true or not?
If you vaccinate them against coccidia you shouldn't (and don't need to) give them medicated feed, but if you are talking about a different type of vaccine then feed with medication to prevent coccidia is fine.
Ok thank you for the information,
I was planning on vaccinating them for (mareks sorry if spelt wrong ) and fowl pox.
As mentioned, medicated feed is to combat coccidiosis, so only the coccidiosis vaccine is a concern. Marek’s and Fowl Pox are separate diseases, not related to medicated feed.
Do note that to be most effective, Marek’s vaccine should be given to chicks no more than 3 days old who have had zero contact with other chickens or chicken dander. Foul pox - I do believe that is only carried by mosquitoes and is an annual vaccine? I think that one is only given depending on the chicken’s risk level.
Can any of us even get a coccidiosis vaccine? I have purchased the one for Marek’s, but don’t recall seeing the coccidiosis one. My chicks from McMurray got it and they always seemed so healthy with great poops. I like to think the TSC chicks I added in with them may have gotten some benefit from their vaccine, too (their attenuated infected poo).

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