medicated food even if your chicks were vaccinated

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by adam7979, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. adam7979

    adam7979 New Egg

    Jun 22, 2011
    would it hurt my chicks if i fed them medicated food even if they were vaccinated
  2. Southernbelle

    Southernbelle Gone Broody

    Mar 17, 2008
    Depends on what vaccine they got. Medicated feed protects against coccidiosis. If they were vaccinated against Mareks - no problem. If they were vaccinated for coccidiosis, the feed would not hurt them, but it would nullify the vaccine. The cocci vaccine is a live low dose of cocci to help them build up immunity. Medicated feed is a coccidistat - actively kills cocci, so the medicated feed would kill the live vaccine the chicks were given.
  3. Hanh3197

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    Jun 9, 2011
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    I don't think so
    You're just being more careful for the sake of your chicks [​IMG]
  4. nurse_turtle

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    May 28, 2011
    Foothills of NC
    Chicks we received from McMurray hatchery came with a warning in big red letters NOT to feed medicated food to chicks that have been vaccinated. Feeding medicated crumbles will negate the vaccines.
  5. adam7979

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    Jun 22, 2011
    thank you im just glad it wont kill them,
  6. cmom

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    Nov 18, 2007
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    Most hatcheries only vaccinate for Marek's disease. If the instructions that came with your chicks advise not to feed medicated feed, then I wouldn't. In medicated feed the medication is amprollium which is in the Starter or Starter/Grower and helps in the chicks development in their resistance to cocci. It is sulfa based. I feed it to the birds until I get my first egg then I switch over to Layer. If I have any medicated Starter/Grower or Grower left over when I get my first egg, I mix in the leftover feed with the Layer feed. There is only a problem eating the eggs layed by the birds that have had the medicated feed when they start to lay if you have any allergies to Sulfa.

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