Medicated Starter and going outside


8 Years
Apr 28, 2011
Okay, after much debate and research and input from the kind folks here in the BYC forums, I have decided to go with the medicated chick starter. So my question is, if I am feeding that from day one, and it is warm and dry outside, how long do they need to be on the medicated feed before I can let them outside for some outdoor exploring? Or in other words, how long do they need to be on the feed before I can reasonably expect it to have helped their immunity?

Pick up my chicks on Tuesday and I can't hardly contain myself!!!!
Congrats on the new chicks!

I feed mine on medicated all the way up to when they go outside, and a week after. The idea is to build up their immune systems by having the medication slow down the growth of the cocci organisms. Please note that it does NOT kill the organisms, just slows them down so the chicks can build up their resistance. Along that vein, you'd want the organisms held in check throughout their chickhood, and then for a week after touching the ground outside- which is a big source of the organisms.

Hope that helps!
I do medicated starter also. But I'm paranoid about someone getting away while outside so we go in groups of three. I do bring a pan of dirt from my coop for those who don't get out. They enjoy it and build immunity to cocci- safe in their brooder. Good luck with your new babies!

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