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    Aug 25, 2013
    I have just started raising chickens. We have 4 Silkie Hens and 2 bantam Hens. When I ordered my silkies I paid extra for the medication and then fed them 3 full bags of medicated feed. I am just learning about feeding etc. and what is best and most healthy for our friends. Our chicks are about 4 months old now and I am moving onto all purpose feed. Please advise with brands, timeframes or any helpful advice.
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    Hi Debbruther! When you spoke of Medicated, I am assuming anti coccidosis medication. Were there any vaccines that were also given at the time of ordering as well?

    We avoid any feeds that are high in corn for the silkies, it is not healthy for them. It adds fat without enough protein. I try to keep their level between 21 and 23 percent. We never feed scratch to them, it can cause issues and is not easily digested, but in the colder months we will feed them homemade treats to help with any cold factor that may be there. We use crumbles and not pellets as it seems to be easiest for them to eat.

    I am not sure where you live, but as you move your silkies outdoor, please keep an eye toward shelter and protection from winds and dampness and predators. Silkies because of their friendliness factor are so social that they will often move toward a predator rather than away from them, imho. Enjoy your pretty birds!
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    I don't do prophylactic medication of my flock. If there were something to treat, I would treat it.

    I successfully feed commercial feed, always available. They forage during the day, so they get whatever else they find.


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