Medicating Ducks


Mar 19, 2018
New York
Hey All!... I have a duck that’s been suffering from bumblefoot for a couple months now... nothing has been working. Last week I noticed her joint may have been looking a little swollen. :barnie
I work with a vet who prescribed sulfatrim (liquid form). I am having a heck of a time giving it to her! I’ve tried putting it in food, she won’t touch it. I’ve watched videos that say to just squirt it in their mouth as far back as possible, but I’m so afraid of aspiration. And of course it’s 2cc twice daily... so it’s a big dose. Half the time it drips out of her mouth.
This morning I gave it and felt pretty confident about it, and then she went to get a drink and made a horrible squeaking noise. :hmm I’ve tried looking in my anatomy books for a good pic of inside of a birds mouth so I don’t get it near her trachea and of course, can’t find one.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thank you!!!

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