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    I may have messed up. I hatched 8 chicks successfully and all seem healthy but I’m just now finding out about medicating them. What I read had them on a schedule with one vaccination at a few days old etc. My chicks are 8 weeks old; is it too late? I prefer putting medication in the water because I don’t want to vaccinate them myself. I must add though, I did use medicated feed (I know that only covers so many things though). What should I do about Merecks and other serious diseases?
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    I don't medicate or vaccinate any chicks. As far as Mareks we cull sick birds as necessary.

    You will have to decide how you will deal with sick birds. You can no longer just buy antibiotics. You generally need to see a vet now.

    Even with the best care or vaccinations birds still can and do get sick. Husbandry can be based on how you view your birds, pets versus livestock, so best to figure it out before you have a sick or dying one.
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    Chick started with amprolium is meant to help the babies while they are exposed to coccidia in the soil, develop resistance to the parasite, and not actually get sick (coccidiosis)> Marek's vaccine is often given to day-old chicks, followed by two weeks of isolation from any possible exposure to the disease, so the chicks don't develop the tumors that kill Marek's infected birds.
    Don't worry about either thing now; it's too late to do either, and hopefully all will be well for your flock.
    Chickens who go to shows, and commercial flocks, are often vaccinated for a number of diseases, on a complicated schedule. Backyard birds aren't.
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    Any type of medication should be unnecessary.
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
    Medicated feed only does one thing, the active ingredient mimics thiamine to starve coccidia.
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    If you have a closed Flock and never bring in outside Birds your Birds become immune to the diseases they actually are carrying. All Chickens carry disease. When stressed they can suffer from the disease they have. Clean coops and proper management limits out breaks. I never vaccinate or worm any of my Birds without any disease issues..
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    If their not sick, don't do anything.
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