Medicine Kit for chickens?

The Lazy L

9 Years
Dec 16, 2011
Coop is coming between now and February.

9 - BO arrive in May.

As a Newbie I tried to read all the posts I could to get ready. One of the things that would be needed is a chicken First Aid/Medical kit.

Here's my list so far:

Latex gloves.
Sharp knife or scalpel.

Wounds - Blu-Kote, Neosporin and Alu Shield

Cocci - Corid or Sulmet

Worms - Valbazen, Piperazine-17, Wazine or Ivermectin

Sour/impacted crop and egg bound - olive oil

Lice or mites - Diatomaceous Earth, Frontline, Sevin or Invermax

Splayed legs - band-aids.

Do I have the right solution with the right disease?

Is one medcine better then the others?

Comments and thoughts?
Olive oil is for impacted crop not sour crop. Use (raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar is changes the pH in crop and makes it uninviting for yeast to grow. Nystatin(vet) also treats sour crop. After treatment and sour crop is gone then give plain yogurt or proboitics to help put the good bacteria back.

I would add vet wrap to the kit.

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