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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by lovinlife, May 11, 2010.

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    So, here's the little chick that was given to me at the feed store. She wasn't doing well and they thought she was going to die, so they gave her to me.
    This was taken the day I brought her home:
    Her eye was very swollen and bulging. It developed a scab and I used a cotton ball and warm water to soften the scab twice a day. It eventually fell off. When I went out to see her this morning, the scab was gone and the eye was cloudy and had a pink spot on it. She could move her eyelids this morning. Her eye has dried out now and the lids don't move anymore.

    I'm calling her Ipod - suggested by a friend. [​IMG]
    This is her today, after three days with me.

    She's very curious and is such a sweetie.

    I put her in with my EE chicks I got on the same day. They're the same age, but she is smaller.
    That's her on the right.

    I'm watching them to make sure they don't pick on her. So far, so good. She's happier with friends. [​IMG]
    I have hopes that she will make it and be fine with one eye. I haven't had a "challenged" chick before. This will be an adventure!

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    Nov 2, 2008
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    You're a good egg. [​IMG]
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    i wonder if some terramycin in that eye would help? i've not used it for chickens but i've used it with great success to help orphaned kittens with eye infections. clears it up in like 1-2 days max.

    good luck with the little guy!
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    [​IMG] Thanks for saving her. I hope you update pictures of her through his/her life!
  6. lovinlife

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    I'll see if I can pick up some terramycin at the feed store tomorrow. It's worth a shot.

    Good news! I checked on her tonight and her lower eye lid is moving over the eye. That means she's shedding off the dried layer of her eye and it's trying to heal. [​IMG]
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    Oh, she looks sweet. Good for you for having a heart and taking her in. I had a cat with two legs who was the happiest cat in the world, and I've heard several stories on here about partially blind chickens or chickens with various handicaps that do great and have happy lives. So she'll just be a little special, that's all! Good for you. Keep us posted on her progress.

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    my baby had eye problems and i saw on here an old farmer used tea to treat it. you brew a very strong cup of tea and when cool dab the tea onto the eye.. it said the tanic acid? sp kills bacteria in the eye.. we did it for 4 days and her eye is perfect! they say you can use the tea on anyones eyes human or animals and will cure just about any infection
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    She is beautiful and showing great improvment. You see, good things do come in small packages !!!!!! Keep posting progress pictures !!!
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    Update: her lower eyelid is moving freely over her eye, so it is providing moisture to the eye which is great! The upper eyelid doesn't appear to be moving, but the lower does a good job.

    She's still in with the EEs and they are all getting along great. I totally forgot to look for the terramycin at the feed store, duh, but I think I'll try the tea and see what happens. One of the employees at the feedstore asked about the chick. I described her eye and we both agreed it was really nasty at first. That pic I took doesn't do the grossness justice. you can't see how swollen it was.
    this is blurry, but shows the difference between the two eyes the day I got her.

    I'll update pics tomorrow. [​IMG]

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