Meet "Irene"


9 Years
Jul 7, 2010
Shady Hills, FL
While I was sleeping during the first half of Hurricane Irene I expected to wake up with no power at all. I was very very lucky as half of Southington did not have power. Granted I did receive damage to the peacock pen, that was the only structure that was damaged. Well anyways I went to check on the water in the incubator to be sure it was full and looky what I found! LOL! It hatched during the hurricane and quietly layed in the goose tray until I opened the lid. I placed it in the hatcher to dry. I named it Irene. Whether it is a peahen or Peacock it will forever be named Irene (if it is male it will be H. Irene)


Very nice little cutie

Is it white or BS? (sorry if its obvious, as we dont have the colours here)
Thanks guys.
Zach the mother is a purple BS and the father is charcoal W/E.
Blue yes I still have power but a lot of Southington and towns around us do not (as of now)

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