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Jul 25, 2021
Central Wisconsin
So me and my husband bought a house in the country at the beginning of this year. I've always wanted chickens and he grew up on a farm. We bought 6 chickens at first and built our own 8x8x8 coop. And then we got 16 chickens from a friend and right now we are down to 10 of our friends chickens and we had lost the rest due to predators (which sucks because one of our first chickens had just started laying eggs). We have 12 new chicks that are a couple weeks old in our old coop and we decided to use an old shed that is 12x20 as the new coop for our bigger chickens. We have a kennel run coming in the mail and have motion activated alarms to warn us of predators. The new coop is a work in progress.

Current census:
6 ducks
10 chickens
12 chicks
6 roosters and 16 hens

Yes I know we have too many roosters but it hasn't posed as a problem yet. Our big beautiful colorful rooster is head honcho.


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