Meet my broody silkies.

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  1. Just about all of my silkies went broody at the same time. It started with a white hen and then a black one joined her. Then another black hen joined in and another. The white hen got booted out so she made her a nest on the floor. So here are 3 black hens sharing the same nest.
    This is 1 of my 2 partridge and red silkie hens that went broody. They were both in the same nest. 4 babies hatched out and I had several hatched in an incubator. So I took my incubator babies and gave them to the red hen with her others. They bonded instantly.
    Dont you just love silkies.
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    aww lol I have a black silkie that just went broody. they are so cute in their nest box lol
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    My silkie and sizzle and 3 cochins all broody! Congrat to both of us! [​IMG]

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