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    Mar 31, 2011
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    Hello everyone. I'm sorta new to the chicken craziness. I Just started hatching eggs in January. My friend has a nice Organic farm and gave me some Barred Rocks and Turkens eggs to hatch. I kept Three from this first hatch. One Barred Rock ROoster, One Turken, One Bared Rock TURken who has a splayed leg, I then hatched out some Americanas from an auction. I kept three one I know is a rooster. I have one silkie, named Sunny. I also have hatched from another auction three Australorps and two Copper Morans. I built a little chicken coope e of some recycled wood. I built thinking I would only have 7 hens. So I then ordered a rarest of the rare package deal of 24 hens I kept 17 of those so far. So far this has been such a joy. Hatching eggs, watching them grow. They are always entertaining. I spend every morning and evening just setting out in the lawn chair.
    [​IMG] There are two with feathered legs and three with clean legs. I'm guessing the Australorps are the clean legs. These five are always together.
    [​IMG] This is Rocky the barred Rock Rooster and The Turken "Lady Eucharist" They are always side by side. The Turken is more bossy than the Rock.
    [​IMG][/img] This is Gimpy, the splayed leg Barred Rock Turken. The little Silkie, Sunny takes care of her. She gets left behind when they go out free ranging. Sunny always go back and waits for her to catch up. She also sleeps on the floor with her.
    [​IMG] Sunny has the biggest attitude to be the smallest. She reminds me of LegHorn Fogorn's chicken hawk Junior. [​IMG] Sunny is facing off the Americana rooster. She will take on any of them.
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    They are beautiful!!
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    Jan 1, 2009
    What a GREAT family [​IMG]
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    Mar 28, 2011
    Thank you for sharing! You have a beautiful chicken family.

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