Meet my little flock!


Jun 1, 2020
I am new to raising chickens but have fallen completely in love with them! My husband thinks it’s so funny how obsessed and excited I am about them! But he is great and helps and goes along with everything I want to do! He even made me the coop! He did such a great job and I’m so appreciative!!! So I only have 6 chickens. I figure if I keep my flock small, I can spoil them more as I get to know each one!
~Sweet pea is a 3 month old Easter Egger She’s always been such a tame, calm little sweety who actually loves attention.
~ Myrtle is a 3 month old Easter Egger. She is always so curious about everything I do. She follows me around.
~Cruella is a 3 month old Polish/Cochin mix who is the leader of the babies. I’m hoping she is not a rooster. Her dominant behavior makes me wonder. Her silly antics make me laugh.
~Einstein is a 3 month old black crested polish rooster. His wild crest is funny and I swear he cannot see... but he runs around playing and flapping his wings. I haven’t seen him run into any walls or anything yet!
~ Aussie is a 7 month old Austrolorp who is great at alerting the flock of anything she sees like airplanes and cats. :) She’s a happy, pleasant hen who just started laying.
~Pepper is a 1.5 year old Plymouth Rock. She’s like the mother figure in the flock. She very patient and kind to everyone. Plus, She’s very tolerant of the youngsters. She’s kinda shy but reliably lays every day.


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