Meet my sebastopols.

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  1. We just purchased 7 geese. We were very lucky to come across them. There are the parents with their 5 babies. But one thing. How can you tell their sexes?????
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    they are very pretty lol.
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    Quote:Are you planning to breed them???

    Males are more bold and if they think there is a threat they will come forward, snake out their neck and often hiss where females tend to hang back and let the boys do the job. You'll see the boys being more watchful, keeping a lookout while the girls eat and do their thing.
  4. Will be definately hoping they raise lots of babies. We are going to keep all of the females with the adult pair.
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    Quote:Were you planning on raising curly babies or it doesn't matter?
  6. I want curly babies. Please share any information you may know about them. I have been reading up but not a whole lot of info out there. The babies I have right now are from last year. They are just now beginning to get their curls.
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    Quote:Well, you're going to have a problem then. I see the parents there, they are the curly except for the chest ones I am assuming. The first thing I noticed when I looked at the picture was the lack of curl on most of them- I think they are as curly as they are going to get, if they are going to curl they do it early on, mine started curling at 6 weeks. You have two smooth chested parents it looks like. If you breed smooth chested to smooth chested you get what you have there in the babies, mostly regular feathering. You won't get curly out of two smooth chested birds just more like those babies. You will need to add in a curly chested bird (sex doesn't matter) then pair it with one of the smooth chested parents for best effect. That kind of a breeding will produce some like the parents and some that are curly all over. Are you aware of any curly babies being made by the them as a pair...ever?

    Pips and peeps just mentioned she will probably have some males available in not too long, maybe she'd have a curly that you could get.

    EDIT: At least that is what I have read and been told by those more educated then me. But please, ask some other breeders and get their input.
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    I agree that they're not very curly if at all. Here's what I would do if they were mine. I would split the original pair. Get 2 curly's one male, one female and mate them with the pair you have.

    You want to mate a curly to a smooth breasted, not a curly to a curly. You would probably be better off selling the babies or using them as breeding stock if thats what's in your plans.

    You should seperate the offspring from the parents though because you don't want them inbreeding.

    I only have one male Sebastopol, who is 11 weeks old but I've been doing alot of research. There are alot of knowledgable people on here who can help you.

    If you do want to sell one of the offspring, please let me know.

    Oh on here you might want to look for Cottage Rose. She has a great site that I drool over daily! Peachick has Sebbies too.

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    Quote:I agree. In a pinch you could get one and breed it on the opposite sex and of the babies choose a mate for the other one. Curly had to come out of somewhere and I imagine it is possible that 1 out of maybe 100 of their chicks MIGHT have the genetics aligned just right to make an all over curly baby but who wants to breed 3-5 years in the faint hopes of getting 1 of what you want. I am not even sure on breeding the smooth on smooth babies back to a curly, I imagine it would work to make babies more curly then those but maybe not as curly as wanted at the first cross back.

    If it were me I'd sell off all those babies and use the money towards a curly chested seb. Also in the UK smooth sebastopols are part of the standard. They are the exact same birds just without curls and all the problems that can come with all the curls. She could also specialize in smooth sebbies...I'm sure there are those who are interested and I don't know of any in the US. Just a couple of thoughts.
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