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In the absense of photos of the new chickens (waiting on camera to come back with husband) I decided to introduce the dogs since I have pictures of them.

This is Logan, pure bred American bloodline German Shepherd. He's coming up on 7 months old now (and already 70 pounds!!). This picture was at 14 weeks old, he's since washed out in color, both ears fully up, and he's HUGE! Very sweet boy though.

Loves to fetch, go hiking, and sleep. Never met a stranger!


This is Ricca, aka Aga Vom Kleinen Holzchen from Wurzeburg, Germany. She's 3 years old, 95 pounds, spayed, Schutzhund drop-out because she's... well.. crazy. She's the guard dog, everyone is a stranger until proven otherwise, unless you're a woman with dog sense, then she's your new best friend right off the bat. All otherwise must give her a piece of cheese first. Perfect obedience, loves kittens, hates cats, dreams of one day catching a squirrel or coon.


She also LOVES water, and has her own pool.


They're both respecting the chicken boundry, but I don't trust them farther than the ends of their leashes. I doubt a flapping/squawking chicken could be resisted. But, they check them out through the wire door, calmly, without bark (took about 10 minutes to teach them proper procedure) and the chickens calmly sit on the other side, they even go right to the door like they want to meet the dogs. I think the dogs would charge a run fence though if the chickens were wanting to incite a riot with a bunch of cackling and wing flapping.

But as it stands, I can put them out, watch from the window, and I haven't had to go out there and lay the law down since 2 days ago.

You have a pair of drop dead beautiful GSDs! Love your puppy and love your water girl! Lucky you!

But inquiring minds want to know... do you prefer the stockier import/schutzhund build of your female or the sleeker lines of your male pup? I have a 7 year old Ursus von Batu grand-daughter who has the densest, thickest coat... and a 3 year old American breed male who is smooth and sleek and flat backed. I never thought that I'd prefer the latter... but I think I just might.

Wish I knew how to post photos... I'd share my Darcy and Lucky.
Personally I love my females looks better. That thick coat, slightly jowlly face, like a big bear. If I could put my male's personality into her body, that'd be my dream dog.

I had brought another one back from Germany, and she was strickly stocky, short coat working line bred, and already Sch1, IPO titled. BUT she had a bad hip, and so she was placed into an obedience competition home where all the work was "flat", no jumping or anything that could throw the hip out of socket. She looked a lot like a black w/ tan points Czech bred dog. Not very tall, very compact.

Ricca is 27 inches, but she's also way long. She has a giant stride, from that showline blood. The difference in movement between her and Logan is insane... she floats off the ground like a trotting horse, Logan just kinda... plods. Course he's still young and getting a feel for those monster feet he has.

I'm not crazy about the severity of the rear angulation Ricca has, or the slight roach back. It only ever looks ok, an any dog, when they're stacked out. If they're just standing haphazardly they look cowhocked. Logan has a slight angulation, but is flat backed, so he stands better naturally. Ricca only looks REALLY nice in a stack.

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