Meet "Tico"....and introducing family pets?

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  1. MadBirdVN

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    May 21, 2016
    Hi all!

    Would like to introduce our newest addition, Tico.

    He (?) (not DNA tested!) is a 4 month old, hand reared Quaker parrot - our first one ever - we have had Cockatiels before and I have had experience of wild birds, so a learning curve!!

    We have brought him home and popped him in his cage and left him be for the moment. He looks completely shellshocked, but has had a little mooch around his cage and has fed from hand some fruit and a few bits of seed.

    Our plan is for the moment to leave him be for at least 48 hours to explore his cage and become a bit more confident, but talk to him all the while and then slowly start to introduce handling. He was lovely to handle when we went to meet him (Aside from the odd nibble but he is a baby so I expect that).

    Just one question is we do have dogs (2 GSDs). They are not at all bothered by my Modena, who is very flappy and noisy - but what is the best way to introduce them? They are staying at my fiancees until weekend to give Tico some quiet time to settle in.


    MadBirdVN xx

  2. AxolotlLove

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    Jan 8, 2016
    He's super pretty! I used to have a girl bird named Tica. ;)
    once you get a bird, you turn into a crazy bird lady! I have 4 now
    Introduce them through a cage. Dogs may be a little to curious, and harm the bird. I would just let them meet through the cage until the bird becomes comfortable with the dogs.
    Defiantly give him a few days in his cage, so ha can get used to your house. Congrats on your baby!!!

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