Meeting Processing and Selling Requirements in Ohio

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    This thread is for:
    - Discussion of Ohio's regulations regarding poultry processing and selling and the subsequent ways we can sell chicken within the law
    - Information about Ohio's processing facilities
    - Where to find Mobile Poultry Processing Units in Ohio
    ...and related subjects!

    This summer I'll need to process 75 Cornish Cross in the span of a few days, and I am raising them to sell. However, my understanding of the regulations in Ohio (that apply to me - I realize they're different if one raises 1,000 - 19,999 birds) is:
    You are exempt from inspection and can sell your birds if you raise under 1,000, process them on the farm they were raised on, and sell them on the farm they were raised on.

    However. I do not have the equipment to process 75 birds on my farm. I know of a local Amish farm that has a wonderful processing facility and they charge a low rate to use it. It would be easy to simply take my birds there, process them, then have my customers pick up their meat back at my farm. This does not sound like it's legal, though. Am I correct?

    A few other options are to find a Mobile Poultry Processing Unit to rent and therefore be able to process on my farm, or to sell the birds as live chickens and then provide processing as a free service after the birds are technically theirs - in which case I could do it off farm.

    Does anyone have any other ideas? Do you know of local MPUs? If I were to sell my birds as "live birds" does that mean the money needs to change hands before the chickens die, or is there a way for my customers to be able to pay me when they pick up their meat/birds? Finally, am I overthinking this?!? I know lots of people would just process their birds at the Amish farm and sell them afterwards, and things would be simpler and no one would get caught. Thoughts?

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