Melamine in milk


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OK FOLKS Please keep this civil as it was posted for informational purposes.

FDA Deems Milk Contaminant Safe Despite Unknown Health Risks

Statement by Wenonah Hauter, Food & Water Watch Executive Director

"Today, the Food and Drug Administration condoned the intentional adulteration of food with melamine by issuing a risk assessment for the industrial chemical that was added to milk and milk-based ingredients produced in China. Instead of enforcing a zero-tolerance policy for this contaminant in food, FDA has instead set 'acceptable' levels for how much melamine food can contain, despite uncertainty about what levels of exposure are likely and limited information on the chemical's human health effects.
"This latest attempt to define a safe level of
exposure to an avoidable contaminant in food is part of a dangerous trend by FDA to set
acceptable levels for unsafe and preventable
food contaminants. The agency has said that a
little Listeria monocytogenes is okay, even
though the bacteria cause serious illness in
vulnerable populations such as the elderly and
pregnant women.

It has said that a little Bisphenol A (BPA) is okay, despite a growing body of scientific evidence to the contrary. Now, it is saying that a little melamine is okay, even when other countries have banned or recalled dairy products containing any amount of this chemical.
"Instead of wasting money on a public relations campaign to try to repair its image, FDA should be hiring more inspectors to protect consumers from tainted foods, whether they are imported or domestic. Unfortunately, at this point it seems that FDA is more concerned with promoting imports than protecting consumers.

It is time for FDA to follow the lead of countries around the world that have taken precautionary steps to protect their citizens by banning imports of Chinese dairy products and processed foods that contain Chinese milk ingredients."
Food & Water Watch is a nonprofit consumer
>rights organization based in Washington, D.C.
>that challenges the corporate control and abuse
>of our food and water resources. Visit
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Let's see, how many foods have been found to contain melamine in them? Quite a few, remember the pet food? Now, what was it that killed a bunch of babies in Turkey?
Now, Cadbury chocolate?
I swear, China is trying to kill us off.
More Chinese products in the US equals less jobs here. I'm getting really tired of this.
And the FDA should be ashamed of themselves for allowing small amounts of deadly ingredients in our food.
Boy, America has become real screwed up. In more ways than this.


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Jul 27, 2008
Seems like everything has something in it these days.


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After years of knowingly making unsafe products that sicken and harm the USA and the rest of the world, now China has started poisoning themselfs too. It is America's fault we spawned this monster, and Billy Boy Clinton got it all started, now nobody can stop this from wrecking havoc on the entire globe. But don't mind me, just make another trip to Walmart and help fuel the beast. I am sorry but this whole China thing makes me sick, and it looks like a few others too.


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May 17, 2007
I usually don't buy anything made in China as a matter of principle. However, I recently noticed that my granddaughter's apple juice is made from concentrate from China. And it has a US sounding name.

I remember when stuff made out of this country had to have a label indicating the country of origin. Now this seems to have been reduced to fine print. We need some laws requiring large print, and what happened to tarrifs? We need to forget about "free trade" with countries that don't buy anything from us.

The GATT is a rip off. We need to close our markets to Chinese goods.

I still won't buy stuff made in Japan because they murdered my uncles.


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