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  1. Blue melanotic single comb hen (lays a brown egg)
    Black melanotic single comb hen (another brown-egger) along side a Jersey Giant hen and some Rock and Ameraucana youngsters:
    Another shot of same black hen and a couple of splash melanotic Naked Neck green-egger youngsters:

    (more pics loading)
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  2. Melanotic Green-Egger pullet:
  3. Blue Frizzle Melanotic Naked Neck Green-Egger chick:
  4. Georgia Boy 1970

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    Cool looking chickens.I had 1 melanotic naked neck chick out of the eggs that I got from you. Black,dark blue and not frizzled. I said that I would never have a frizzle,I am now hooked on them and thinking of ways to frizzle other breeds in neat colors. I would like to see a frizzled barred sumatra and a frizzled dun sumatra. I plan on ordering some frizzled black sumatra from sandhill preservation center next year.
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  5. Hi John! Thanks! I hope the melanotic chick wasn't a terribly unpleasant surprise. Show off a pic when you get a chance.
    I know what you mean, I watch every egg hatching that *might* be and hope.
    I've never had Sumatra, but I'll have to check out what Sandhill offers --- they sound neat!
    Here is a blue melanotic green-egger youngster:
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    Nov 29, 2008
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    Why is some part of each picture black and white?

    You mean fibromelanotic?
  7. Hi Henk! I'm not seeing the black & white part of each picture .
    Is melanotic the wrong term?
  8. BeardedLadyFarm

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    May 31, 2009
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    I see what he is saying. On my screen, almost every photo appears partially black and white. Unless you have grey straw, grey plywood, and grey bricks, some parts just look odd!

    I love the looks of the birds though, whatever they are called. Looks like my wish list just grew a little more...
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    Jun 8, 2009
    Quote:Good eye Henk... I thought something looked unusual in the pics but couldn't place my finger on it... there is something in every pic that seems gray.

    edited to add... the one that stood out first to me was the third one down in the first group of 4. Looking out through the doorway there is no color on anything through there.
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  10. Hi! That pic
    was cropped from this pic:
    I assure you they were not edited except for cropping and adding date. Yes, I have gray tree roots, gray cinder blocks, old dusty gray straw.
    It rained last night so we have mud instead of dust.
    New pics from this morning:
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