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math ace

10 Years
Dec 17, 2009
Jacksonville, FL
Do you know how to contact Melinda Broach?

She was an exhibitor at the Jan 2012 Lake City, Fl chicken show.

I have an email address, but I have received no response.

She is out of Franklin Ga.

Feel free to PM me if you want to keep the information private.
This is the source of the information that I already have....

If someone has something new or different . . . Please let me know.
My emails have gone unanswered so far.
Did you call her? Contact the other people listed there and see if they have more info....
I haven't called yet. I just HATE doing Cold calls.
I did send an email to the other Broach listed on the contact sheet.

I will send a couple of quick emails out to the other names - - It sure won't hurt to try
They had the same email didn't they? I would call.... it is a working farm I think and it is all business and they get cold calls all day long probably.

I hated cold call so I would get a pay check.... that is hard. This is easy.
The sisters have the same email, but there is a third Broach on the list. I am GUESSING a mom maybe.
The one sister was showing in the junior division and from what I traced now in previous searches, Melinda was showing in Juniors not too long ago.
I even found a facebook page for Melinda. But I don't know how to work facebook (dah - right?).

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