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8 Years
Jan 8, 2012
Hi Forum,
I'm new to the site, I've looked at it a number of times when I have had a query and found the information and comments really useful - thanks.

We just have 8 hens, I only know the breed of 2 of them. They are Commercial Hybrids, Brown Link. these 2 we got as chicks from our daughter's school where they had hatched 10 out of 11 eggs. We had 5 of them when they were 10 days old, 3 of them turned out to be Cockerals and as we live on a housing estate, couldn't keep them. A friend of ours found new homes for them. We kept the other 2 and our daughter named them Brave and Naughty. We kept them indoors in a run that my husband built for them then he built a temporay run which sat on our decking area in the back garden. Since then he has built a much bigger run and converted the shed. We decided that 2 birds were not enough so we went to a poultry farm and bought another 2 hens about the same age as the 2 that we had. Our daughter named them Midnight (black and tan) and Snowy (white with back feathers in her tail and found her neck). Realising that the run could house more chickens (yes, it's quite a big run), we went out and bought 4 more hens (pol). They were named Darkness (black & tan), Snowball and Minty(both white and black) and Owl (mottled grey). All are now layers. We must be doing something right as most days we get at least 5 eggs, sometimes all 8 will lay. Midnight and Darkness seem to lay the larger eggs at the moment even though they are the smaller birds. If anyone can give me some idea of what the breeds are of the other birds, that would be great. They seem to have settled down quite well with each other.

Hobbies - I enjoy crafts and Family History.

Family - I have 2 married daughters, 1 lives in NC in the US and the other lives in Telford, Shropshire. I also have a 10yr old daughter (she's the one who named the chickens)

It would be nice to find out if any other BYC members live in the UK.
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Hi there and welcome
im from durham in the north east. Ive got a mix of 19 chickens and ive just set 12 in my incubater for the first time. Ive learnt all sorts on this site. Need any help or anyone to talk to just Private message me... Tracy.xx
from Washington State glad you joined us!
Once you can post pictures, we can then help you figure out what type of chickens you have!

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