Menominee WI show

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11 Years
Apr 20, 2008
Birnamwood, Wisconsin
It's coming up VERY soon! Beginning of Oct and we can't wait to go
It will be my very first show and I AM coming home with something! I'm not showing anything myself as I have NO idea how to get prepared for that but my goal is to learn and to show some of my birds. My main goal is to look for more bantam cochins. I LOVE those cuddly looking things. I have a pair of blacks now and they are the only ones I can catch while free ranging LOL. I think my little girl will be laying soon. One of my cochins is from the Pat Lacey line and it is a beauty! They both are

Is anyone else going to this show? Anything I should be aware of/look for when purchasing from a show?
I'd look for any signs of disease or parasites, of course. If you're interested in showing, I'd try to choose the best breed quality I could afford.

You might want to think about bringing a transportation container of some sort, with a water bowl. If you're going to get birds from different people, that don't know each other, I'd put them in separate containers on the way home. I'd also get a quarantine area set up at home.

I hope you have a lot of fun. Good luck at the show!
Sounds like a plan:D What time does the show start?, its about a 3 hr drive for me. Were is it located in town.

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