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Mar 28, 2020
Hey guys, me again. Long time no see. How are you guys?

So, I had to use feeding and watering since there isn't any general health section. But anyway...

I went into my chicken coop today to let my 5 ladies outside and noticed Speckles, my littlest hen (and favorite. I'm saying this here because the other 4 can't read. Neither can this one, I guess), was all scabbed up in the comb. We figured it was because they were bored.

Now, Christmas is coming up. I like to get my pets Christmas presents. So is there any kind of mental enrichment toy for chickens?


Jul 27, 2019
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I’ve seen people put in chicken swings, chicken jungle gyms, extra perches etc. Or maybe put some treats (veggies and the like) in a container that is more difficult to get into or provides a different way to enjoy it - cabbage on a string has always been popular with my flock. I even have a kid’s xylophone screwed into the wall of the coop for them to peck at, but the little stinkers never showed any interest. Also, I read somewhere that a bale of hay in the run gives them something to scratch up. For mine, I rake up leaves and dump them in a pile for them (mine don’t free range) - they love this. You can also search Pinterest for ideas :wee.


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Chickens don't really use toys the way other animals might. Best enrichment is lots of space with a variety to things to interact with, such as soft dirt to dust bathe in, piles of dried leaves or weeds or a bale of hay to dig through, things they can walk around and/or climb up on, such as roosts, stumps, assorted yard "junk" as clutter.

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