meraks disease


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Jul 31, 2010
Centrel PA
I bought chicks @ auction, weeks later got meraks disaese in flock. gonna get rid of all,start new next spring. question: will the sub zero freezing weather here in Pa kill the virus out in the pen?And when i get vaccenated chicks, can they get the disease?
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Very good question.

Although I have no experience with meraks disease, I have contacted a professor at kentucky's university and received a response.

She sent me this link and answered my questions concerning merak's disease.

I would recommend you check on this web site first. If you don't find your answer there - - then contact a professor in the poultry area at the univeristy.

Good luck
No it wont kill it. I use oxine but the vet said its in the ground where the birds were. I had to move my pens. Also I have had birds get it after they get the vaccination. I started giving my own vacc. last March and have been lucky because nothing here has been hit with it since last year. Its nasty!

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