Merek’s vaccine SB-1 & HVT

Merci BeauCoop

Feb 4, 2019
Oregon - Portland Area
We are new to raising chickens and have hatched our chickens from carefully selected breeders (except one wildcard because I wanted particular breed). The chicks from the wildcard breeder turned out to not be the anticipated breed (surprise) and have developed problems with walking. One was a rooster which was processed just as we noticed a limp. The other is a poultry that has just reached egg-laying age. We took her to an aviary vet 2 1/2 weeks ago and she was diagnosed with Merek’s. The vet said she was 90% sure it was Merek’s but we wanted to try everything we could to save her so she was put on Clavamox (antibiotic) and Metacam (non-steroid anti-inflammatory). So 2 1/2 weeks later, our little pullet is still hobbling around but not getting any worse. She is eating and drinking but doesn’t seem to be getting better or worse. If it is Merek’s, is this typical? Should we euthanize or keep up hope?

Also, we had already ordered additional hatching eggs and they are currently in the incubator. We have 2 weeks before they hatch. We want to have them vaccinated with SB-1 and HVT. I have also learned that this can be done in the shell at 18 days just prior to lockdown. How do we go about getting them vaccinated? Where do we find the vaccine or hopefully someone who can administer the vaccine?

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