mereks vaccination???

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    Jan 24, 2015
    I have A flock of six chickens. One of which I suspect to have Merrick's disease. I also have five month old checks and seven eggs in an incubator. I would like to buy the Merrick's vaccination in order to prevent the spreading of the disease but I know it only comes in large quantities my question is what do I do with the rest of the vaccination.
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    Check with the veterinary supply people, perhaps they make a smaller quantity? It's my understanding that once it is mixed, it must be used within a certain time-frame - measures in hours not days.
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    It's really not very expensive, so if you cannot find anyone to share it within 1/2 hour, it is probably still worth disposing of any remaining vaccine. The extra cost of shipping and a cooler may make the cost much higher. Be aware that many experts feel that the vaccines carried by the hatcheries are superior to the ones sold by online companies. Also remember that birds should be vaccinated as day olds, and then they need to be kept away from any chances of exposure to the virus for 2 or more weeks to develop full immunity. Here are some links for the vaccine, and some info about vaccination:

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