Message from Dave 27889's wife regarding Dave's health


Love God, Hubby & farm
11 Years
Apr 13, 2008
Bowdon, GA
Just to let you all know that I received a pm from Polly, the wife of David27889 who asked me to share that Dave is very sick at the moment. He was put in the hospitalwith a couple of problems. Several things that have him down. It is mainly diabeties, his back and legs along with a couple of other things. She has asked that Dave be put on prayer lists and that the BYC family be notified. She indicated that Dave so enjoyed his time with BYC. Polly said that he should be home in about 4 days or so. Please do share this with any prayer lists you may be involved with.

Thanks to each of you for thinking of and praying for Dave.
Prayer said.
to Dave & Polly.

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