Messed up tail feathers on a Black Sumatra Pullet

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  1. [​IMG] My son owns a black sumatra pullet named Speeder who is turning out gorgeous now that she has lost the baby down on her head, BUT her tail feathers are a mess, some are broken, look a little shredded, etc.
    My son has been waiting all year to take this bird to the county fair next month to show and her tail is in no state for that right now.
    Is there anything I can do in a month to make her tail more beautiful?
  2. How old is she? Usually I have to wait until birds are at least a year old before they are shown or sold to people to be shown....otherwise, they are still not fully plummed....

    I'd separate her from the flock and put her in a small pen or a rabbit hutch...something to keep others from picking on her or to keep her tail from being inadvertantly ripped out...sorry--other than that, i have no ideas.
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  3. She's about 4 months old. She's being shown in the young pullet show.
    I don't care if she gets a ribbon or not, but my son has raised her with the sole intention of taking her to this fair and picked a breed that probably wouldn't be too common there. He's only 7. I want him to have a tiny shot at least.

    My daughter is bringing her 4 month old leghorn pullet as well and that bird is nice looking, her tail isn't any shorter than Speeders but it's not in bad shape.

  4. I'll seperate her starting tonight.

    Do you have show secrets for getting a white bird really sparkling white?
    My 6 year old daughters leghorn Princess is white but isn't as clean as she could be. I was thinking we would just give them a bath before we bring them.

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