Messy nest with broody hen and eggs

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    Jun 7, 2014
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    I have a broody girl with eggs under her, and other hens get in there and lay their eggs too, for her to brood. I've marked the initial ones to keep in there and am removing the additional. But, I'm having a problem in that one of my older girls is laying soft shelled or thin shelled eggs, and doing so in the broody nest.

    Today I had to remove all of the nesting material and replace it, because there was a big mess from a broken egg. The mess is also all over the other eggs. So, my question is, will this harm the incubating eggs or the broody hen sitting on them? Should I try to clean off the incubating eggs?

    Thanks for any advice!
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    This happens all the time! The egg yolk doesn't harm the eggs at all!
    Even the dirtiest eggs hatch.
    In almost every hatch that is in my coop where all the other hens are laying. An egg cracks and gets yolk all over the hatching eggs. Even though they look horrible the chick is protected and will hatch

    Good Luck! Post pics when they hatch!

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