Metal Frame coop??????

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    Dec 9, 2014
    Central Fl
    Hi all, we are building a metal coop and run. It is huge but not done yet.we still have to add several windows and inside stuff. I was worried about it being an oven but my Hubby has reassured me that it will be fine. He got the idea off here from some other coops he saw. It is under shade, will be insulated and have a fan.

    What do y'all think?
    Do you have pics of other metal coops?

    Thanks much
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    Since you are making a very good run for them if it were me I'd apron out the hardware cloth (only 1/2 inch is predator proof I have read) so that digging predators are deterred. That way if it gets too hot for them at night you can basically leave the main door open (but you have to have it Fort Knox safe- basically a cube of 1/2 inch hardware cloth and aproned out or buried to keep dogs and coons out. Even then if rats get in they will eat the chickens so be cautious.

    But you could easily make that an "open air" coop by keeping the main door open at night if needed. Unfortunately this will leave them vulnerable to predation and is scary for them as well. But if your fans fail etc. if you have made the run as safe as you can you may be glad later on.

    You can google "hardware cloth apron" to get the idea if needed. The apron is nice so you don't have to bury the hardware cloth. Some folks cover it with gravel etc.
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  3. smcdermott

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    Dec 9, 2014
    Central Fl
    Thanks so much. We now have most of the roof on and it provides so much more shade that I think it will be totally fine.
  4. Scruffyfeathers

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    Feb 16, 2015
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    Impressive! Very neat, clean and well constructed. It looks like 6” 20 gauge. I am building a tractor and enclosed run out of steel myself. A few quick questions: 1) The edge of the track at the bottom; has it been rounded to avoid cutting their feet? 2) Again, the track at the bottom; how will you clean the waste build up? 3) Is it anchored to stop predators from entering under the track? (4 What type of material are the panels made of?
    All in all, I am impressed.
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    Nov 23, 2013
    Just a thought make the chicken door out of a framed hwe cloth... we did and use it during warm weather and use the solid one for winter
    where did you get your metal bldg. Is it a kit?

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