metal garden shed for coop

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    Mar 29, 2009
    My friend wants to use his metal garden shed as a coop. He said he was going to line the walls with plywood and reinforce the roof (snow load). It is up off the ground on a heavy wooden platform.
    He asked me what I knew about using metal garden sheds for coops. I know nothing [​IMG]

    We get the same weather as Washington State. He said he would remove the snow from the roof and vent it well with sliding vents.

    Anybody have a opinion, good, bad, suggestions either way?
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    From my own experience with metal sheds- they get hot in the summer. BUT... if you insulate them with the plywood (and I'd put some insulation in between) and vent it well with windows or openings... it does make it a LOT cooler. He would likely need to screw up plywood to cover the roof too, with good venting. I bet it will work fine... My horse barn is metal- of course, it's a lot larger- 50ft X 30ft. It stays really cool in the summer when both end doors are left open for ventilation. [​IMG] We do mist it down with water (on the inside) when it reaches 100 degrees... but he'll just have to figure out what works best for him when it comes down to that. [​IMG]
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    Aug 12, 2009
    I have an old metal shed coop.It is doable if that is all you have.I have used mine for 2 years now.The heat is an issue in the summer,but mine is under a tree and I let them out asap.The roof has held the snow,but it does leak so I use a tarp.I cut holes in the wall and added some plexiglass with duct tape.I cut small areas out along the top for air ventilation. I clean out much of the poo daily.

    I was hoping to get a new coop this summer,but unfortunately the contractor backed out on me. I may just get another metal shed for the far back and add some wood like your friend to make it better. I add straw bales in the winter.

    The chickens laid eggs all winter,and no one got frostbite.Here is my shed.The second one is from the winter when I just had 3 hens.Now I have 8.My shed is 8 by 6 and is on a concrete pad.I use pine shavings.

    Here in Ohio the summers have hit close to 100,and the winter lows I recall in the single digits.I remember that cold so well because it was when we went without heat for 5 days(furnace broke) and the inside house temps were in the 30's.


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    Jul 18, 2010
    Marshfield, Ma.
    Quote:I would absolutely insulate it, styrofoam foundation insul. with plywood or paneling covering it. Turn him onto this site and research it because I'm know people have converted them to coops. Actually saw one here that someone did and on the inside you wouldnt even know that it was metal.
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    Mar 29, 2009
    Thanks for the replies.
    It never gets that cold here, maybe the odd time -10 F with the wind chill. It never gets really hot here for a long period of time, maybe in the mid 90's for a few days. His shed is under a big maple tree, not the safest tree to put a shed under. [​IMG]

    Snow can be from a light dusting to enough snow that will collapse a building.........thanks global warming [​IMG]

    We do get a far amount of rain, so leaking roof might be a problem. He could re-roof it with rolled roofing.

    I will tell him to check this site out and do a metal shed coop search.

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