Metal roofing ridge cap?

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    Ok, I have been looking for way too long here and I give up! I picked up the metal roofing and ridge cap for my coop/run yesterday. Today I was looking at the ridge cap/vent and noticed that there will need to be something to raise the cap up off the roof in order to clear the wavy roofing material. Does this cap have to use one of the plastic ridge vents under the metal cap? My only other thought is to use strips of wood to attach the cap to the roof.

    Any photos?? The cap is the one sold at Lowes and has a round rolled top peak on it.
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    they or home depot has a ridge vent in a roll it's about $50.00 you roll out and cap over. I'm thinking you are talking about the plastic cobra vent2. if your ridge cap is corrugated I would think the type that comes in the roll might be better if you want to spend that much.

    the option I would go with is getting the corrugated plastic bars they have and lay that down and then put your corrugated ridge vent on top of that, it would still allow air flow. imo
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    I know about the roll out ridge cap, but my problem is if that is what is really made to go under this metal ridge vent.

    I may of just found my answer though.. This is the exact ridge vent/cap I have now. It appears the round radius on the top and the open ends will allow a cross breese to flow out of the cap as it is. I did not think the cap would attach directly onto the metal roofing, bit it looks like it may just do that.

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    Yes, it screws right onto (and through) the top part of the metal roofing. Pull the topmost roof tin screws and reset them through the ridge cap.

    Do not be planning on getting very much ventilation that way however.

    Although in a good brisk blizzard you will get some snow infiltration [​IMG]

    Good luck,

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    Firefyter-Emt, there's a distant photo of that ridge cap and Lowe's metal roofing on my BYC page. The cap is over the roofing with screws down into purlins.

    The coop had a flat top for years and I couldn't put up with it any longer. So, I ran board purlins across the old roof. For a ridge, I used 2 2x4's attached to a 2x6. It looked something like a trough feeder. Lag screws then went straight down into the old roof & joists.

    The roof slope doesn't amount to much but it's infinitely better than flat. [​IMG]

    I didn't count on any ventilation from the ridge cap. However, the purlins have raised the metal sufficiently above the old roof that there must be a continuous breeze there. That roof is insulated but this is still bound to help. I filled in the space with a quarter-inch hardware cloth to screen the sparrows out.

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    Thanks again.

    Here is where I am at now, I need to install some stips of wood on the run half of the rafters and I can start putting up the metal roofing.

    Although, I really need to pick up the patio blocks to sit the preasure treated "legs" under the 2x6's before it gets too heavy! [​IMG]

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    You are quite true. You have to install wood stips. Then you can put metal roof.
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