Metal roofs and condensation

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    Feb 18, 2016
    Thought I would share this for those contemplating building a coop or house, and it relates to moisture and condensation within a house.

    We had rain and some wet snow yesterday, but towards dusk, all that blew out and it became a calm, clear night. Temps in upper 20's. Woke this morning to fog and a heavy frost.

    When I went out to do chores this morning, this is what I found INSIDE my barn:


    That was several lines of water that had dripped off the uninsulated metal roof. Found these water drops on an old wooden bench. That could just as well have been one of the birds if they were roosting under the drip line. BTW, there was nothing in the shed. With livestock in there, those drips turn to rain. Not good when things you have stored in there....things you want to keep hay, feed, etc. are getting wet INSIDE your building.


    By comparison, I left home to go to my daughter's place and she has a nearly identical barn, except hers has insulation between the metal roof panels and and interior of the shed. Her barn had no water spots at all. Bone dry.


    This was also addressed in one of the old poultry books I use for a reference:


    Keep in mind, this was from 100 years ago. The concept of using a bare metal roof and the problems associated with it remain, but other solutions are possible, such as that layer of insulation between the metal roof and interior. Birds will peck at and eat insulation, so if they are able to reach it, probably best to cover it or use something other than metal roofs.

    But bottom line is bare metal roofs over a chicken house (or just about any other shed) is going to cause trouble. The reason mine is not insulated is the guy who built it opted for size over quality, so built a large, inexpensive building. He saved on the cost of the insulation and I'm now paying the price.
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