Metal shed for coop in WV


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It's gonna be cold in winter and hot in summer. You would have to make sure to use a heat light in the winter, and give them plenty of outside room and shade for summer.

I had a metal shed coop in Texas and it was really tough on them. In summer alone 5 hens went through two gallons of water a day and still were panting. The coop was HOT! In winter, if I didn't use a heat light, I would lose one to freezing temps.

Hope that helps you. I think a vinyl shed would work better, btw, if you are thinking of purchasing something. Our vinyl shed is great and I'm thinking of purchasing a second. You just need a Sawsall to cut a door for them, and some windows. See my coop page for ideas.
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Hi, it should be the same weather conditions as Cranberry- a bit colder in the mountain areas - warmer in towns/cities.
We live in Preston Co. and it is quite cold and snowy here - compared to Morgantown ( 20miles away ) that is at least 10 degrees warmer year round.

i would think that with plenty of hay/bedding they would be OK, altho here, I will probably put a small electric heater in with them in their uninsulated coop - for the coldest days.

Hope you like it here in the Mountains!

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