Metal trough feeders for cages


8 Years
Mar 4, 2011
Brevard County Florida
I see them on some pictures and videos, anyone know where to find metal trough feeders that hang on outside of wire cages.

I've tried to google it but must be useing wrong words for search, thanks
I'm not sure what people use but you could either make some yourself or use a metal chick feeder with the top off. Just make a 'rack' on the outside of your cage to set it on.
I made a set of breeding pens out of an old book shelf and wanted a feeder like that. I got some 3'' pvc and cut it in half. I had two panels and then cut them in half and capped the ends. It works great, plus it's cheaper than metal... Oh, and if you want to buy it you could possibly use the goat trough TSC sells.
i used the metal ones for a bit, you will find your going to have a lot more feed waste because they like to scratch at it and "dust bathe" in it, i have used that type, the mason jar type and the hanging poultry feeder and the hanging feeder has almost no waste where as the metal one you are intrested in has the most waste in my opinion.
I use feed troughs for my quail.I have them housed in 1x2 welded wire cages with the troughs hung on the outside.This is the best thing I have done.I have very minimal waste now.The holes are the perfect size for them to stick their heads through to eat but not able to scratch or dust!!! I literally cut my feed use in half. I feed 200 pounds of feed a week,down from almost 500 pounds!I never realized there was so much waste.Each of my pens is 5 foot long.I use 2 troughs across the front. Cutler's has them in a 3 pk for $20.These same troughs can be used for auto watering also as it has the holes in the end for the float valve.

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