Metranazicole (prescription for round worms) Questions


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Oct 8, 2010
Hello Everyone,

We have, over the years, lost a few hens for seemingly no reason, but one symptom that has been present is what I'll call a "poopy" butt. Meaning, wet fethers with some caked on poo near and down the vent area. We assumed it was because the hens were aging, or maybe worms. We have never treated them for worms because it seems a little invasive, and even "The Chicken Health Handbook" says that most flocks can weather small quantities of worms without a problem.

So anyway, we recently lost a 7 year old Buff Orpington. We bathed and tried to clear the dirty vent to no avail before losing her. And I've now got it in my mind that we should de-worm. I have a student (I teach Yoga :) who is a Vet and she did a fecal examination and found worms (capillary and small round worms, along with eggs). She however, is not Avian certified, so I took a sample to a Vet who is. He found small round worms as well. He prescribed METRANAZIDOLE. I have to give each chicken 1ml twice daily for 5 days. (via syringe - which we've handled before, but still should be quite a challenge).

Here's the problem - neither the Vet, nor the pharmacist, nor the Virginia dept of Agriculture can tell me when it will be safe to eat the eggs after the treatment is done!
Does anyone here possibly have any info?

Also, should I have opted for using something that I can buy at my farm store (Southern States) - the Vet said that deworming by putting a solution in water couldn't be guaranteed, because they might not drink it, etc... (my flock is in their run most of the time but they free range a few hours daily). I've read about piprazine and others. I want to treat with the "least harm" for my chickens - and while I will miss the revenue, I guess the eggs are ancillary in the big scheme of their health.

Any advice would be appreciated - I'm totally new at deworming, obviously!

Many thanks,


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Metronidazole is Flagyl.
is a nitroimidazole antibiotic medication used particularly for anaerobic bacteria and protozoa. Metronidazole is an antibiotic, amebicide, and antiprotozoal.

I believe the best thing for worms is Valbazen (albendazole).

Valbazen which is a cattle wormer is the best I've ever used..It kills more types of worms than all the others combined, And you don't have to worry about a massive worm kill like with piperazine or ivermectin which will sometimes clog the intestines..Valbazen slowly starves the parasites over a 2 to 5 day period..Valbazen is also used for human treatments at 400 mg child or adult..So unless you are allergic to it I'ts ok to consume the eggs after treatment, But I and all I know wait two weeks ..I'ts pricey at around $40.00 per bottle but well worth it

Dosage is 1/2 cc orally to adult large fowl.. 1/4 cc for bantams and young standard breeds​


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I agree with kathyinmo. I recommend valbazen, it'll kill the roundworms and cappillary worms. It's for cattle and sheep and can be purchased at jeffers online or you can call them with phone# on their website. The dosage has to be given orally to each chicken.


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Oct 8, 2010
Thank you both for the fast responses and good info.

After reading your replies I called my friend/vet this morning and she was equally as surprised that I'd been prescribed Metronidazole for the worms - she looked it up in her "big blue book" and mentioned several other options but said the Met. would be USELESS for the round worrms. So now I'm concerned because the Vet I took the sample to is the only "Avian" vet for many miles and I don't have that nice "warm and fuzzy" feeling that he really knows his chickens (wrong prescription, not knowing about the effect on the eggs...)

Anyway, I'll check with Southern States (our local "farm" supply store) and if they don't have it, I'll check out the website you gave me.

Thanks again...enjoy the day,

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