Mexican Bobwhite


12 Years
Sep 6, 2011
Just got some Butlers, but I seen some of these guys and I think they look really neat. Thinking about getting another project going. Are they any different than raising regular Bobwhite? Found some eggs on ebay, and I'm considering getting them, or from some place else.
i am pretty sure when it comes down to it, a bob is a bob, and a coturnix is a coturnix, regardless of color

of course with bobs, the bigger they are, the harder they bite
yeah i saw those too and thought they looked really cool.. i have some ten reds in the bator now but would not mind having a few of those mexican .dont know anything about them myself and cant seem to find much info on here about them
A bob is a bob. They are all raised the same.

Like coturnix, bobs have color varieties as well
The Mexican Speckles are pretty!
I use to have Tennessee reds and the Mexican Speckled.I really liked the mexicans,think theyre beautiful.
The reds are pretty but to me,they seemed especially agressive to each other.Id love to find some of the mexican speckled again though.

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