Mexican Rice

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    1 1/2 cups white long grain rice
    3 cups water
    2 Tblsp butter
    1 tsp. salt
    4-6 oz. tomato sauce
    1 tsp. cumin
    1 tsp garlic
    1 medium chopped hot pepper (Hungarian, jalapeno, etc)
    1 cube of Maggi chicken and tomato flavored bouillon*

    saute rice in the butter until it is golden brown. (this step and the cumin are very important for this rice!)
    add water, and the maggi cube. Stir to make sure cube dissolves.
    add the rest of the ingredients and bring to boil. When you can see the top of the rice, reduce heat and cover. Let simmer for 15-20 min.

    * A lot of you have and or use real chicken broth. You could use the broth in place of the water and leave out the bouillon cube, as it does have MSG in it. when the tomatoes are ripe this summer, I will also chop tomatoes for it.
    eta: I was just looking at terri's list and she uses bacon grease to brown her rice. This would make it much more authentic, I'm sure. I think I'll do mine that way next time and see.
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    Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum!!

    I wish I had put together some stewed Mexican chicken this morning in my crockpot before leaving... chicken burritos with a side of rice sounds like the ticket for tonight's dinner.


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