mexician speckeled bobwhites male or female?????????


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Oct 5, 2010
i have 5 mexician speckled bobwhite quail and was wondering if there was any specific way of telling them male from female such as color etc...????????
4 of them seem to have all black and white faces and the last one has like an orange face????????
Spot on.
thats what i was figuring , that kinda sucks i was hoping for it to be the other way around so i could get the eggs an possibly breed but now i only have one pair
should i make some kind of nesting box in there pen for the pair to breed ? and should i sell off the other 3 males or will they all be fine with one female
when will they start laying?
i just recently got these birds
thanks again for any info
They Will Not Tolerate Excess Males. As Far As Nesting--- Mine Wont Use Nest Boxes. None I Have Ever Had Would Ever Use Nest Boxes. They Just Pop Out The Eggs And Move On...
alright thanks for the advice, so i should put just a pair together and take the other males out ?
That Would Be The Best Advice... But, Dont Get Rid Of The Other Males Until Your Sure She Will Olerate The 1 You Put Her With (i Have A Black Widow Hen.... All The Bachelor Lads Take Turns Taking A Beating..)

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