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    Jul 25, 2009
    Hi ALL -- - I´m BACK !

    Sorry long time no see - gee it must be a few years now - - - - but as you all know chickens are addictive and I finally have a nice little - what do I call it in English ???? - farm ? About 40 minutes from the house. 1,700 sq meters, closed in with cement footing and cyclone fence.

    It has taken us 7 years to pay for it and put in the fence and plant trees for shade - - - - and NOW I am making up the plans for a large coop - want at least 50 chickens in it. Now have 18 - and I sooooo do enjoy watching them enjoy the space. They have a semi good chicken house that is not really safe enough, put in 10 half grown chicks and they woke up without heads - something got in there in the night. Which has motivated me to do a better chicken house and leave that other one for another couple of sheep to keep the grass down in the rainy season.

    I sell poliurethane waterproofing in sprey - - and weedled out of my boss half a set and my master plan is to put up the skeliton of wood over a metal base covered in plywood and lots of sawdust. Here I can buy a type of left over from making tennis shoes - it is sheets of a foamy type stuff (used for making insoles ) and am planing to staple sheets of it over the skeltion and then apply 1/2 " of poliurethane foam. Then a paint brush over of a sealer to protect the PU from the sun.

    I saw Sue´s large chicken coop - I LOVED it ! - -and am going to copy some of her ideas. Unfortunatly linolium here is super expensive, so I will just varnish the plywood and put down about 1 foot of sawdust. Another idea I am going to incorporate is a trap door 60 cm above dirt level just a bit smaller than my wheelbarrow - so when I need to clean the hen house I just open the trap door and sweep the used sawdust into the wheelbarrow and take it to wherever I need it as mulch. Another good idea is using old tires 3 stacked filled with gravel and cement to put your hen house on - - Am looking into that but here old tires are not free...... might be cheaper to use the cement block.

    I am sure no one will remember me - Sheila in MEXICO - then I only had 14 chickens in run in the side yard - neighbors not to happy with that.

    Glade to be back ! If anyone has suggestions for the PERFECT hen house or better ideas than I am considering please write back !

    Saludos! [​IMG]

    Sheila in Mexico

    All that I know about chickens I learned here and was so very greatfull for the learning - Thank YOU !!
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    Hola Sheila, welcome back! I'm new but your plans sound very inventive. I love to use what I have at hand if possible. Saludos, Melodie

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