Meyer Hatchery review- box of expired chicks

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    I received an order of 18 chicks from Meyer Hatchery today, and unfortunately only one survived (we're being affected by the band of winter weather blowing through the east coast right now). The box was in perfect condition and there were a couple of heat packs in with the bedding- true to their advertising, they planned for the weather and packed the chicks appropriately.

    I called as soon as I discovered there was only one survivor. The lady I spoke with was very nice (and completely mortified) and first offered a replacement shipment, minus shipping fees, then when I declined issued a full refund (less the cost of the surviving chick). She seemed genuinely sad and apologetic that the babies didn't make it, and said that the only way that kind of loss could have happened is exposure- someone with the postal service left them outside. I saw no sign of trauma or illness in any of the deceased chicks.

    The one surviving chick is super robust and healthy. Once I ran out and found a couple more day old chicks at Southern States, her panic subsided and she immediately took to eating, drinking, and preening. I was surprised at how active and friendly she is; I thought for sure after that ordeal she'd sleep all day, but any time she hears me she runs out from under mama heating pad chirping and hops up onto my hand. We named her Pigwidgeon, after the spastic little owl in Harry Potter. We have three other hens who came from Meyer and they're healthy, beautiful, friendly birds.

    Summary: Meyer Hatchery is great. The postal service, not so much.
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    I'm sorry for your losses[​IMG]

    glad the lone surviver is doing so well. [​IMG]
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    These stories are heartbreaking for sure. A box full of dead chicks is not a sight I would want to see. Enjoy your new chicks.

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