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    I ordered a mix of 16 chicks way back on November 29, 2015 for delivery this week...yesterday I got the confirmation that my order was processed (no substitutions this time), and my shipment was picked up at 4:22 p.m. yesterday at Mansfield, OH...and that is where tracking has stayed. I have been up throughout the night with a difficult hatch, so I have been watching for tracking updates. I have been waiting over 5 months for these Meyer Hatchery babies. I am hoping they show up alive within the next day or two. I have had a disappointing hatch with my Brinkhaven Acres' shipped eggs, so receiving a box full of chirping babies would be great.

  2. Tracking isn't always updated properly, leaving us anxiously awaiting news of our babies' whereabouts. [​IMG] I'm sure they're safe! What breeds did you get? Meyer Hatchery is by far my favorite out of all the places we've gone through, and in fact we've driven to the main facility to pick up our little ones.

    So sorry you had a bad experience with Brinkhaven! We just picked up 7 Isbars from the owners and couldn't be happier with the quality of the birds. I guess you hear of so many conflicting things about each breeder/hatchery from different customers.

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    We moved to a small town last year and things take awhile to get here, which has me worried. Kinda wished I would have done a road trip and picked up my orders. We like having a mixed pet flock so I ordered 1 of each: Welsummer, Speckled Sussex, Barred Rock, White Rock, Appenzeller Spitzenhauben, Salmon Faverolle, Silver Grey Dorking, Buff Orpington, Black Australorp, Buckeye, and a Blue Splash Marans. We love Easter Eggers, so I ordered 4, plus added the Meal Maker.

    I absolutely love Brinkhaven Acres breeds! I ordered 6 standard assorted and 3 rare assorted mix hatching eggs from them. They had a rough trip (box was crushed, 1 egg was cracked and all had detached air cells). I ended up with 1 Isbar, 1 Copper Egger and 1 Silver Penciled Rock, 2 New Hampshire Reds and 4 marked Assorted Standard. I was surprise (and disappointed) to receive breeds not listed on their website. Had I known that, I would have ordered differently...kinda bummed.

    The Isbar, Copper Egger, 2 New Hampshire Reds and 2 Assorted Standards went into lockdown. Today is Day 22 and 1 Assorted Standard (I think Buff Orpington) pipped yesterday, and just hatched a little bit ago. Waiting to see if anymore will hatch.

    Today is a waiting day.
  4. I definitely understand your worries. [​IMG]

    You have picked some awfully amazing breeds (I have all of them minus the Dorking), but I have to tell you, the Spitz are the best thing EVER! We just got 2 of them in April, and they are the most adorable, sweet, friendly little boogers ever. [​IMG] I'm in love with the breed! Be prepared to have a ball raising your little one.

    Oh dear, that's terrible! I'm guessing it was the post office, then, that was responsible for the damaged eggs? Wow, you're right, those aren't on their list of breeds. [​IMG] I'm at a loss for what might have happened there.

    Hope all goes well concerning your hatch! [​IMG] Our Isbars are awesome, and so far, the cockerels have been super nice. They're actually better than the lone girl!

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    The waiting is over! I got a call from the post office this morning and all my Meyer babies arrived excited!! They are absolutely adorable, and my Spitz is a quite a it! I am very excited about that breed.

    I am starting to think my sole Brinkhaven Acres chick may be a New Hampshire Red. Looks more golden red next to MH Buff Orpington. Time will tell. Maybe next time I will get some new rare breeds to try. I'll handle the travel arrangements personally...road trip!! :D

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