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    I was on the Meyer website and they are offering 17 week old pullets. The price is good, and the shipping is stating 17 dollars to here in calif. I am getting a screen that says something about less than 15 chicks or less than 25 chicks has an additional fee. Would they still be concidering 17 weeks as chicks? It's after hours there and I want to place my order for shipping tomorrow. Anyone know the answer? Thanks. Cathy

    What have these 17 week old pullets been doing for all this time? Have they been in those little tiny cages that I have seen in some of the videos? [​IMG] Now I'm getting sad...
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  2. Aren't they pullets when they feather out? Not sure.

    Can you post the link? I'm in CA as well and 17 bones for transport seems so cheap. Maybe it's time to expand the flock....uh oh, you may be getting me in trouble![​IMG]
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  4. Yeah, the 45 smackerroos for shipping one bird does the deal in for me!
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    Jul 17, 2007
    Note that they say "beak trimmed".

    I have seen a number of posts from people who ordered started pullets and were saddened to find they had clipped the beak back.
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    I think the minimums and shipping you are seeing only applies to their chick orders.

    I seem to remember that shipping started pullets was more like $40 for the first, etc... And they do trim beaks on their 17 week pullets...

    Ah ha, found it on their website:

    Shipping rates for 17 week pullets

    Qty of birds Total S&H charges
    1 $45.00
    2 $55.50
    3 $67.00
    4 $73.50
    5 $88.50
    6 $96.50
    7 $103.50
    8 $113.00

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    Well, I just purchased 2 17 wk pullets and my receipt says 2 @ $5.30 = $10.60 shipping charge $17.55 for a grand total of $28.15. I have printed my receipt out. I will also be watching what they charge my credit card! :mad:
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    I would be careful. These probably grew up in tight spaces and have had the tips of the beaks "trimmed" which basically means cut off. They wont be as tame as chicks you raise yourself so this is a fair warning. The usually raise them up to point of lay for people to use for production. There have been some members upset about what they recieved from hatcheries as point of lay pullets.
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    Silkie, even if I have to keep them separate, they should be better off with me than with Meyer for the long run. They will have a nice yard and treats and buddies to play with (if they are behaved) The city says I can have 24 birds, and I may well get that many...sooner than I was thinking![​IMG]
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    May 8, 2007
    i picked up 5 barred rock 17 wk olds from them last week. they are beak trimmed.... evidently how trimmed just depends on the chicken. i have 1 that is cut off very far back, it looks terrible but the other 4 its more they just cut the sharper point off and they just did it on the top, not bottom of the beak. mine are skittish but learning that life is good at our farm. [​IMG] they are not to the point of following me around like the others do, but they are venturing out more. wednesday was the first day i turned them out, i left them in the temporary coop the first 4 days so they could chill out and relax. i just leave a light on in the coop during the day and they are figuring out that is 'home'.

    but yeah the shipping charges are HUGE. hance why i drove 1.5 hours each way to pick them up.

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