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Apr 20, 2010
Dover, Ohio
i got this email when i came home last night... they are doing their 25 pullet for $25 deal and having a celebration in polk, ohio today

Have we got a deal for you...To celebrate 25 successful years of business we are extending our appreciation to you, our loyal customers! Get 25 assorted female chicks for just a buck each! Call now to reserve yours 1-888-568-9755. Offer valid for the following hatch dates only: 6/14/10 and 6/21/10.

Join us tomorrow for our 25th Anniversary Open House! See details below. Can't make it? Celebrate by saving 15% on your entire merchandise order Saturday & Sunday ONLY or Purchase our Rainbow Pullet Pack 25 assorted female chicks for just $25!

All Pullet Rainbow Pack
A must have for those looking for a wide variety in their flock! Not only will you receive a rainbow of all female chicks, but the eggs they produce will amaze your friends and neighbors. This assortment includes some of our more sought after and popular chicks. Breeds will range from heavy brown egg layers, white egg layers, tinted egg layers, rare, and fancy breeds. You'll get a minimum of 5 different breeds - guaranteed! Assortment is hatchery choice. Sold in lots of 25.

25 female chick for $25
Savings of $19


15% Off ALL Merchandise - Online & In Store
Stop by our store with extended hours (9 am - 2 pm) tomorrow and receive 15% your merchandise order. You may also take advantage of this sale online by entering promotional code 25YEARS during the check out process. Sale valid Saturday & Sunday only!

Celebrate 25 Years of Service with Meyer Hatchery
Join us for a FREE lunch, Poultry Egg-sperts, Horse & Carriage Rides, In-Store Discounts, Raffles, Prizes, and MORE! Come learn the ins and outs of keeping chickens. A little bit of something for everyone. We'll see you there!

Date: June 12, 2010
Time: 9 am - 2 pm
Where: 626 State Route 89, Polk, OH 44866

Confirmed Guests Include:

Highland Naturals - Available to answer questions about organic poultry nutrition and what it takes to grow organic poultry.

Ohio Poultry Breeders Association - Available to talk about all things poultry, including how to show poultry (tips & tricks).

Wells-go-Far Carriage Service - Offering free horse and carriage rides around the farm.

Mapleton Cross Country Team - On hand to serve food and drinks. Accepting donations.

Spring Maple Enterprise - Available to discuss your processing needs.

Queen Right Colonies - On hand answer your bee keeping questions, great for bee-giners!


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Dec 13, 2008
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I just received chicks from Meyer's yesterday. I ordered the All Pullet Rainbow Pack and I am still in the process of identifying some of the breeds. THought you might want to see some pics...

Salmon Faverolles

Golden Campines

New Hampshires

Easter Eggers


? Light Brown Leghorns or Welsummers or Phoenix ?

? Straight comb, yellow legs

? have yellow legs and buff feathers coming in on wings

? White Rocks or Leghorns - but doesn't have bright yellow legs?

This shows a buff with yellow legs next to a white with the darker almost slate legs.

Any guesses...
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9 Years
Apr 20, 2010
Dover, Ohio
awesome... makes me wish i had ordered them... took everything i had not to dial that number lol... great pictures... i'd love for you to keep me updated on their growth

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