Meyer's Hatchery - Consumer Review


11 Years
Feb 12, 2008
Well, as of this morning, after their first night all 10 chicks are doing very well. We had a few last night that needed to have PB cleaned but this morning there were no signs of lingering problems.

I just wanted to take a moment to express how great my expereince was with Meyer's. Ordering the chicks was easy and I can say nothing but positive things about their customer service.

Yesterday as some of you may have read the PO did not get them in the A.M. and said they wouldnt come until today in the morning. Well, that answer didnt satisfy me. So I called Meyer's to make sure that they shipped on Monday. Sure enough they shipped Monday early afternoon.

The lady on the phone said "I have a tracking # if you would like it?" Great I said. She then said "Why dont I just get online and look it up for you and see where they are." We chatted about life in central OH and after afew minutes she told me they had already been processed at the regional USPS processing center and that they should arrive that afternoon.

Sure enough they came and are all doing great.

I would highly recommend Meyer's to anyone looking for chicks in the coming months.

I will post some pictures of the chicks later tonight. 5 year old CANNOT keep her hands out of the brooder. She has left the room in tears several times b/c I have had to tell her to stop. Needless to say she is excited.


12 Years
Oct 18, 2007
I had similar experience last year, but it was DW that would not keep her hands out of broader

its never to early to start them down the spoiled path

congrats on the babies


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11 Years
Feb 9, 2008
Central Michigan
I got my Meyer chicks last week and they are doing great! We did lose one tiny bantam the 2nd day, but he was touch and go from the beginning. He fell in the water, even though we were using a quail base and kept getting squished by the other chicks. I thought I had him on the road to recovery, but realized after he died, he was drinking but was not eating. The rest of the chicks (77 more, split among 5 families) are doing great as well. Customer service was awesome!

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